BMW Diagnostics and Programming

At DMA Performance, software we have at our disposal allows us to offer the same technical expertise you would expect from a BMW main dealer to exacting standards and detail; comprehensive diagnostics, exhaustive up to date firmware and complete all-encompassing programming capability.

Ever changing legislation and developments in technology have meant leading manufacturers like BMW offer specialist and specific services unique to them, making it difficult for independent garages to compete or even stay relevant. Difficult it may be, impossible it certainly isn’t.

At DMA Performance we realise that with technological advances, there is a need to develop our own skills and resources at the same pace. We to continually strive to develop and learn new technologies, up-skill where necessary and evolve with the motoring industry; we embrace the challenge.

Diagnostics and fault finding

Generic scan tools which are widely used in the industry often only narrow down fault possibilities leading to false diagnosis, lost time and expense due to not identifying faults to the required level of detail.

At DMA Performance we offer comprehensive fault finding, diagnostic code reading to exacting standards and detail that would otherwise only be available from a BMW main dealer, ensuring the right diagnosis is made 100% totally eliminating the possibility of a false diagnosis.

Programming, coding and calibration

Specialist coding and calibration is now no longer restricted to complex electrical components. These now apply to steering racks, instrument clusters, headlights, braking systems and even airbags. Even basic models will have typically around 20 devices/modules that require such programming. Top of the range models would expect to have around 60; the list is seemingly endless and ever growing.

Such specialist programming is made possible at DMA Performance with the correct software, support and sophistication; consistent in every way to what a BMW main dealer would offer.

Firmware Updates

Software is developed continuously and therefore ever evolving. BMW release firmware updates regularly; as regularly as they are released DMA Performance will have access to them along with the required knowledge and expertise to implement them.


Nothing is more satisfying than unlocking hidden features or adding optional features that were not selected at the time of purchase i.e. I-Drive, Adaptive Headlights, folding mirrors, satellite navigation

installations/upgrades and trailer functions. At DMA Performance we are able to access all of the above the same way your local BMW dealer would.